April 18, 2016 Todd Alan

12 Random Tips

1. Who to hire? Hire someone that knows how to do it all (graphics, photography and the design) under one roof.

2. If you are sold or drawn to a firm that has an amazing office then you are paying for that amazing office through higher costs past onto you.

3. Communication is key during the project as it should be an over all fun experience between both parties.

4. Yes Social Media matters, but know that many are doing it wrong. Keep it simple, keep it fun without direct in your face marketing.

5. WordPress is the way in this world right now as it is very highly built upon by many developers, the possibilities are endless.

6. Blogs do matter and they drive traffic as well as are a great way to engage your new and current customer base.

7. Monthly membership, build your own websites look like just that, a cheap alternative with many limitations, but they do serve a purpose for those that are on an extreme budget.

8. Most hosting companies suck. Go with a reliable fast service that uses a CDN to deliver fast content. You get what you pay for when it comes to site hosting. Our personal favorite is Wpengine.com

9. Good images make a site, bad images destroy a site. You get one shot and first impressions are key to attracting new customers.

10. After the site is “Live” on the web, you should have a social network to drive new traffic.This is mentioned twice in this blog for a reason….it’s important.

11. Hire someone that is passionate about the project and not just the money they are receiving for it. Thats why we only work with clients we feel are a good fit, this is fair to both parties and is a win win for both.

12. Make a plan of what you want and what you think you want and be open to direction so the final product will knock it out of the park.

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