March 6, 2016 Todd Alan

Louie’s Pizza Project

Todd Social has been busy working on a new branding, asset creation and a very robust stunning wordpress website for the famous Louie’s Pizza in Portland, Oregon. The new website will have online ordering in conjunction with the new Sysco “Cake” POS system that will integrate online and in store sales in realtime.

We are also in the rapid build phase of Louie’s Pizza Social networks using facebook and instagram, to target the local region around his business along with the desired demographics to reach. We highly recommend building up all social media in conjunction with a website build, so that when the site launches you also have a marketing vehicle to drive traffic to it as soon as the site goes “live”. Another benefit to this is you can also use your new assets (images/graphics) to create continuity between the site and your social networks.

We will be posting more as this project unfolds, but until then enjoy the delicious food images and if you live in Portland visit Louie’s Pizza & Catering.

We would like to say thank you and great job to Diane Carbone of At Home Plate Photography for shooting the images for this project. We highly recommend her for any project as she is easy to work with, does an amazing job and is always punctual with delivery.

Cia Bella!